Why 2019 really is a Happy New Year!

I’ve never been a fan of January. The festivities are all over for another year, the evenings are still dark, it’s cold, damp and it feels like a long way until Easter… BUT this year feels totally different!

My first Christmas as a business owner was amazing! I managed to get all my outstanding client work cleared up before the holidays, which meant that I could dedicate an entire two weeks to spending time with my family and friends and enjoying myself. And I did, so much so that this New Year blog post is only getting written mid-January and not over the holidays, when I thought I might catch up on some of my own admin!

I didn’t have the horrible dread when I was going to bed last Sunday evening thinking about going back to work. No, instead I was energised and excited about the year ahead and all the possibilities that it holds for my little business!

I don’t love the whole New Year resolutions process, probably because in previous years it didn’t take me long to ditch them, so instead I set a few goals that I would achieve this year.

In between returning to client work, I’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks thinking about the things that I want to achieve in 2019, both in my personal life and in business, and setting the goals that I need to make them happen. It has left me excited about the year ahead and all that I hope to experience in 2019.

So a very late Happy New Year!

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