My Favourite Productivity Apps

Productivity Apps

Sometimes I feel as though I run my life via apps.

As soon as I start anything new I look for an app. Recently I wanted to do the Couch to 5k so I downloaded an app and completed the training programme last week. I wanted to stop hitting snooze on my alarm in the mornings so I downloaded an app that gives me 20 seconds each to solve 3 maths equations, which wakes up my brain and means I don’t fall back to sleep. And when I wanted to start meditating, you guessed it, I downloaded an app for guided meditation (I have to admit though that I’m still really struggling with this… how do you get your mind to settle?)

So, there it is I’m a self-confessed app addict!

It will probably come as no surprise therefore that I use a number of apps to help my working day run smoothly and so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you.

  1. Toggl

Toggl is a time-tracker that allows me to easily track the time that I spend on each project for each client throughout the day. It works with a push of button meaning that if I’m interrupted from one client’s project by a phone call from another client I can easily pause and restart. I love the desktop version for the really useful reports at the end of the month when I’m doing my invoicing but the app is so handy when I’m tracking time during my working day.

2. Asana

I don’t know how anyone functions without a to-do list and Asana helps me manage mine and do so much more! It is a work management platform that allows me to set up tasks under projects for each client and then share it with them as necessary. I can allocate tasks to specific people and set due dates so that I get helpful reminders when a deadline is getting closer.

3. Buffer

I create and schedule posts for both my own social media platforms and those of my clients. It would be impossible to do this without some sort of scheduling tool and my favourite is Buffer. Facebook has a great scheduler of it’s own but for other platforms you need to use a third party app. Buffer is so straightforward to use once you get your social media accounts connected. It allows you to cross post to different platforms and customise for each one.

4. Feedly

I would really love to have time to visit my favourite blogs, news websites and publications daily and browse to see what interesting articles are there that are relevant to me or my clients but, like most people, I do not. Hence why I love Feedly, a news aggregator that allows me to add relevant publications, podcasts or topics so that I can go to one place and see everything that I need. I use a feed for each client also, which means that when I’m looking for content for them I can filter what is relevant.

I’d love to know if you found this helpful or if you would add any apps to the list. Please leave your comments below.

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