Why my Mum is my Inspiration

I’m lucky enough to be able to call my Mum my best friend. We are very close, possibly because I am her only daughter. She would tell you that I was a nightmare teenager… looking back that might be true! But she hasn’t held a grudge. I can sense as soon as she says ‘Hello’ when […]

How to fall in love with your business (again).

It’s February, the month that supposedly symbolises love.   Regardless of whether you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, it’s hard to miss the cards with soppy verses, pink heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, fluffy toys with messages about hugs and the bunches of red roses that adorn the shop windows at the minute. Valentine’s Day, the day when couples all over the world […]

Why 2019 really is a Happy New Year!

I’ve never been a fan of January. The festivities are all over for another year, the evenings are still dark, it’s cold, damp and it feels like a long way until Easter… BUT this year feels totally different! My first Christmas as a business owner was amazing! I managed to get all my outstanding client […]

Are you prepared for Christmas?

I LOVE December! I love the build up to Christmas, watching the children’s excitement increase to epic proportions, the nights out, planning the Christmas dinner menu, the shopping and yes, I even love Elf on the Shelf! I love the little traditions that I have kept with my family from childhood and the new ones […]

My Top Tips for Content Planning

Do you plan your content for the fortnight / month / quarter ahead? If not, you are probably spending much more time than you need to on your social media. We all know the importance of using social media to raise our profiles and promote our products or services but if you only ever post […]

How scary is your to-do list?

It’s Hallowe’en! Are you able to take some time off to enjoy the parties that are happening this week and to spend some quality time with your family during the mid-term holidays? Or is your to-do list so frighteningly long that it means you’ll be glued to your laptop while everyone else is off having […]

Starting a Business as a Mum

Most people who know me would describe me as a pretty organised person, but when they heard that I was setting up my own business they still looked at me in confusion and asked where I was finding the time. You see, I have a very busy house, with four young children and a husband […]